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Help: Change color of fold + and - symbols

I installed taglist. The colors of the + and - symbols for folding are hard to see in my custom color scheme, the default color scheme and a few other Vim
Dec 21, 2014

Help: Question about taglist and vim tabs

Hello, I just started using taglist today, and while I was configuring things to my liking (I use terminal vim version 7.4), I noticed that the tag list window
Joseph Hong
Jan 9, 2014

:help taglist goes to eval.txt instead of taglist.txt

Calling help for taglist does not work, because there is function (built-in?) called taglist(). Help for taglist() is provided in file called eval.txt.
Dec 15, 2013

indefinided variable tag_scope

Hello From good ? ... indefinided variable: tag_scope Something ? Rodrigo
Rodrigo F Baroni
Dec 11, 2013

No ctags found

I have a vim configuration that is run in an environment that might or might not have ctags in the path, depending on how I launched vim. Right now for gvim I
Nov 8, 2013

Re: Taglist to use exist tags file

I wrote a little wrapper python script that uses existing tags if the are present. If no existing tags are present it calls ctags to dynamically generate them.
Aug 30, 2013

Re: Taglist to use exist tags file

Hi, ... The taglist plugin generates the tags information dynamically using exuberant ctags (to get the latest set of tags defined in a file). It doesn't use a
Yegappan Lakshmanan
Aug 29, 2013

Taglist to use exist tags file

How do I get taglist to use an existing tags file? Ryan
Aug 28, 2013

taglist toggle causes tiled window to jump (messes up Win7 Aerosnap)

Hi, I have installed the taglist plugin on my Win7 machine today and it seems to be working. I am observing the following issue: I like to tile the gvim window
Apr 24, 2013

taglist does not update tags automatically

I have written a new macro in one of my files and the opened the window with the tags, but the macro was not in the list. Does anybody know what is the issue?
Apr 3, 2013

Re: auto size the taglist window

Hi, ... No. The Tlist_WinWidth variable sets the width of the taglist window. But the width will not automatically change depending on the length of the tag
Yegappan Lakshmanan
Mar 8, 2013

auto size the taglist window

I was looking through the options for the taglist but was not able to find the one that would autosize the taglist window. The option I'm talking about is to
Mar 8, 2013

Re: ANN: New version (4.6) of the taglist plugin

Hi, ... The taglist plugin doesn't use a tags file. It invokes ctags to generate the tags information for a file and stores the output in a Vim variable. After
Yegappan Lakshmanan
Mar 5, 2013

Re: ANN: New version (4.6) of the taglist plugin

I can't figure out where does TagList store it's tag file. Can someone point me in the right direction?
rail shafigulin
Mar 5, 2013

ANN: New version (4.6) of the taglist plugin

Hi all, A new version (4.6) of the taglist plugin is available now (after a gap of 5 years). You can download this version from:
Yegappan Lakshmanan
Feb 26, 2013
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