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Re: [taffydb] Re: Alternative storage drivers?

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  • Ziyahan Fakir ALBENiZ
    Hi; Did you try sqlite? ... -- Ziyahan Fakir Albeniz Bilgisayar Programcýsý *GSM :* +90 533 637 1572 *Skype :* ziyahanalbeniz *Web :*
    Message 1 of 9 , May 16, 2012
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      Did you try sqlite?

      2012/5/17, alitchfield <ajl236@...>:
      > In-memory databases are of course different to disk based databases however
      > I wanted to try using TaffyDB to achieve my business requirements. I wanted
      > to do this out of necessity and partly for fun to see if modern mobile
      > browsers could handle the load, here's an update of the progress.
      > After trial and error we now have 200,000 json objects (~20MB) split over an
      > array of 70 TaffyDB's with a query time of a quarter second on iPhone 4S or
      > HTC One X. Initially all 200,000 were in one TaffyDB but the query time was
      > too slow, approx 5 seconds.
      > We don't use the .store() method as the TaffyDB's will be initialised from
      > IndexedDB/WebSQL/LocalStorage when the program starts and data will then be
      > persisted back as required. The initial large dataset is downloaded via a
      > web service.
      > The program works on iOS5, Android and many more browsers than our previous
      > deprecated HTML5 WebSQL solution. Whilst work and testing on this solution
      > continues the outlook seems good at this stage. TaffyDB rocks.

      Ziyahan Fakir Albeniz
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