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489Can't perform query or update using javascript variables

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  • commscheck
    Jul 14 12:45 AM
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      I have an HTML table of checkboxes. I am trying to set the "mixed" value in the database to true or false, depending on whether the corresponding checkbox is ticked or not. I'm using the below code:

      $('input:checkbox').on('change', function() {

          var val = $(this).val();

          var checked = $(this).is(':checked');




      The 'val' and 'checked' variables are set correctly. For example they may contain '3' and 'true' respectively. However the update call isn't appears to do nothing. It does work if I replace recipes({id:val}) with recipes({id:0}) but will then only update the first record with the value of checked.

      I'm having a similar issue when I'm trying to get the values. Trying to do get the value with recipes({id:val}).first().mixed returns undefined, but recipes({id:0}).first().mixed gets the value of the first row correctly.

      Sorry if it's a really noob problem, I'm fairly new to javascript and my Google-fu hasn't worked for me so far. Thanks in advance!


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