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439TaffyDB makes the internet faster!

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  • Jason Wright
    Aug 6, 2012
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      I was recently contemplating: Why isn't the internet faster?
      The wait time of many pages is the initial latency of getting the reqest to the webserver, then the response, then the time to download all the information.
      So, if we reduce the number of web page requests to the server, cache information for subsequent requests, and allow the browser to sort much of the information that is downloaded (instead of a far and away SQL server) then we can save immense amount of time, and some central database processing.
      Take Autotrader.com as an example. You put your search criteria for a car in, press search and voila- you see a list of cars. 
      I realized it could be a lot faster and a "client-side database" (aka TaffyDB) could help each subsequent pageload in the same search be nearly instantaneous! information on each car could be stored in a TAFFY() database. Then you want to change the results to sort by price...BAM! Instant results. Sort by distance...BAM! Also instant!. Go to the next page...instant! Click on a car to see the details... instant! Javascript can cache the images for all those pages after your initial page loads. 

      When will the internet get faster? When we start taking advantage of the incredible capabilities of using a client-side caching and databases!

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