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Re: [tac-sac] OR: Little Panoche Valley, 4/20/2012

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  • Alvin Huey
    Some went to Blue Canyon last night (Sunday night). I didn t make it out as I m sleep deprived after a very excellent Texas Star Party - seven out of seven
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      Some went to Blue Canyon last night (Sunday night). I didn't make it out as I'm
      sleep deprived after a very excellent Texas Star Party - seven out of seven
      clear nights. All are NELM 7.0 or better, one night got close to 7.8.

      I'll post an OR later...most are with my friend's 48" reflector, others with
      Larry's 36", Dave's 32" and Jimi's other scope, a 28".

      Also looked through some of the five new Delos which Al Nagler brought with him,
      mainly through the 36, 32 and 28" reflectors.

      Clear skies,

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      Subject: Re: [tac-sac] OR: Little Panoche Valley, 4/20/2012

      Thnx for the report Julien,

      Good to see some OR on TAC-SAC.

      DARC was one of the locations I always wanted to check out. Closer to me than
      Willow Springs.

      Never made it out to observe myself. Spent the time instead working on



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      Subject: [tac-sac] OR: Little Panoche Valley, 4/20/2012

      If you know what 4/20 refers to, you know we must have had a good
      time! A few of us, including Mark Johnston, Rogelio Bernal Andreo,
      Jeff Weiss, Al Howard, Al Smith and I, met up at a private property
      located in the Little Panoche Valley, roughly 15 miles south of the
      San Luis reservoir. The temperatures remained in the 60s, which is
      good for observers, but not so much for imagers who have to worry
      about cooling their camera sensor... The seeing was good (4/5), not
      quite excellent though. The air was fairly dry. I estimate the NELM
      was around 6.7 (same as last week.) I re-observed a lot of Herschel
      400 objects that I had marked as favorites, and observed a few
      Herschel II objects that were new to me. Among the highlights were
      observing Leo I for the first time, an incredible (and I do mean
      *incredible*) high power image of the Ghost of Jupiter (see
      description below), countless galaxies showing spiral structure, Mars
      and Saturn with nice crisp details. Below is my log for the night
      (mostly Herschel II objects.)

      Log format: [designation(s)] [type] [constellation] [RA] [Dec]
      [magnitude] [date and local time (PDT)]

      Location: Private property somewhere in the Little Panoche Valley
      [Elevation 1400ft]
      Telescope: 16" F/4 homemade dobsonian with Paracorr
      Eyepieces used:
      - Televue Panoptic 27mm (69x – 1° TFOV)
      - Televue Nagler 16mm type 5 (117x – 42' TFOV)
      - Televue Nagler 9mm type 6 (208x – 24' TFOV)
      - Televue Nagler 7mm type 6 (267x – 18' TFOV)
      - Televue Nagler 5mm type 6 (374x – 13' TFOV)
      (All times are PDT)

      NGC 2784 GX Hya 09 12 53 -24 13 45 11.2 2012-04-20 09:10pm
      At first glance, all you see is a moderately bright core roughly
      1'x45" E-W, gradually brighter towards the center. Upon closer
      examination, a very faint halo starts to appear around the core. I
      estimated it was 3'x1' E-W.

      NGC 2986 GX Hya 09 44 51 -21 20 26 11.7 2012-04-20 09:15pm
      Round core, roughly 45" in diameter, moderately faint on the outside,
      moderately bright in the center, stellar nucleus. A very faint halo
      seems to extend as far as 1.2'. MCG-3-25-18 (mag 14.5) was easily
      spotted 2' WSW. A moderately faint (mag 16.3) star is 45" SW, another
      (mag 16.9) 50" NW and 2 stars (mag 15.7) 1' ESE.

      NGC 3078 GX Hya 09 58 59 -26 59 27 12.1 2012-04-20 09:30pm
      40"x30" NNE-SSW, moderately faint in the center, faint in the outer
      region, smooth gradient. Moderately faint (mag 15.6) star 45" W.

      Ghost of Jupiter PN Hya 10 25 23 -18 42 36 8.6 2012-04-20 09:45pm
      The central star was spotted easily, along with a slight darkening
      around it, inside the "eye". Also, the rim of the outer shell seemed
      very well defined. Finally, a very faint halo, visible using averted
      vision, was seen around the outer shell, especially immediately to the
      E. Beautiful sight!

      Leo I GX Leo 10 09 09 +12 14 35 11.2 2012-04-20 09:50pm
      Seen with difficulty and confirmed by Mark Johnston as a very pale
      glow, maybe 3'x1' E-W. Better keep Regulus out of the FOV!

      NGC 4880 GX Vir 13 00 49 +12 24 52 13.1 2012-04-21 12:10am
      Faint, relatively uniform glow 1'x45" NNW-SSE.

      NGC 4647 GX Vir 12 44 11 +11 30 44 12.1 2012-04-21 12:20am
      Located just 2' NW of M60. Round, diffuse, about 1.2' in diameter,
      fairly uniform, moderately faint, slightly and gradually brighter
      towards the center.

      NGC 4639 GX Vir 12 43 31 +13 11 11 12.2 2012-04-21 12:25am
      Moderately faint halo, 1.2'x50" N-S. Moderately bright, small, almost
      stellar core. Moderately bright (mag 15.2) star 45" SE.

      NGC 4608 GX Vir 12 41 52 +10 05 07 12.1 2012-04-21 12:30am
      1'x40" faint "halo" (this is actually the bar of this barred spiral
      galaxy...) elongated NE-SW. Round, 20" in diameter, moderately bright
      core. Located right near Rho Vir (mag 4.9!)

      NGC 4612 GX Vir 12 42 12 +07 14 40 12.1 2012-04-21 12:35am
      Moderately faint to moderately bright in its center, round, 45" in
      diameter. Uninteresting, except for the fact that it is located at the
      SE end of a chain of 6 fairly bright stars spanning 9'.

      NGC 4571 GX Com 12 37 35 +14 08 49 11.9 2012-04-21 12:40am
      Round, about 2' in diameter, very faint and uniform. Small, round,
      only slightly brighter core. Located 2' SSW of a bright (mag 8.9) star
      (SAO 100177). Moderately faint (mag 15.1) superimposed star at the
      western end.

      NGC 5020 GX Vir 13 13 18 +12 31 54 13.0 2012-04-21 12:55am
      Moderately bright round core 15" in diameter surrounded by a halo
      1.5'x1.2' elongated N-S showing signs of spiral arms. In particular,
      the northern tip of the halo bends to the W while the southern tip
      bends to the E. A moderately faint (mag 14.0) star can be seen 2' NW.

      NGC 5129 GX Vir 13 24 48 +13 54 35 13.0 2012-04-21 01:00am
      Located right next to 2 bright field stars (mag 9.7 and 10.3).
      Roundish, about 30" in diameter, slightly elongated N-S, moderately
      faint and uniform.

      NGC 5806 GX Vir 15 00 40 +01 50 25 12.4 2012-04-21 01:20am
      Fairly faint halo 1.5'x1' NNW-SSE. Moderately bright, small (10" in
      diameter?) core.

      NGC 5813 GX Vir 15 01 50 +01 39 03 11.5 2012-04-21 01:35am
      Round, about 1' in diameter, moderately faint on the outside,
      moderately bright in the center, smooth gradient. Located right near
      NGC 5814 and NGC 5811.


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