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ADVICE? Ezrach Oleh Aliya Help

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  • Ben Kender
    Hello everyone, A couple years before I was born my dad made aliya. Then he got married in Israel, and my mom (not an Israeli citizen) went to the states where
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2005
      Hello everyone,

      A couple years before I was born my dad made aliya. Then he got married in
      Israel, and my mom (not an Israeli citizen) went to the states where I was
      born. 6 months later, my parents returned to Israel, where my sister was
      born and when I was about 2 1/2, my family returned to the states. My mom
      never became an Israeli citizen. At the beginning of the school year before
      this one I started learning in an Israeli College. This year, when applying
      for my student visa I was told that I am an Israeli citizen and that I
      cannot leave the country without an Israeli passport. I am currently 22 and
      will be turning 23 on new years. Also, Looking at my tourist visa stamped
      on my entry Oct 12, I see a # handwritten above it. This # checks out to be
      a # vaild as a mispar zehut. Next to this # is written ayin/aleph - probably
      stands for ezrach oleh. I'm pretty sure that the misrad hapnim wrote that in

      I spoke to nefesh bnefesh what I can do about this, and they told me that I
      have a status of either an ezrach oleh or a katin chozer. In either case,
      they require me to travel to and from Israel on an Israeli passport. This
      does not mean I have made "aliya" yet, however thats what they want me to
      do. However the fine print is that I have to get the passport before I get
      to israel. However, since I am here already, they
      will force me to make aliya now. Supposedely they wont let me leave the
      country without this. Now even if I get through, when I come back I could be
      jailed for avoiding army.... If i dont get through, I could either be held
      and miss my non-refundable flight, and maybe jailed... who knows.

      If I'm an ezrach oleh than I am eligible for some sort of sal klita,
      however, since I've been in Israel too long, its most likely that I've
      already lost that. However I've heard that being in college doesn't count
      toward this limit on how long you can be in the country...

      Likewise, considering I will now be forced to "make aliya" this will either
      be counted as from when i got here ( when I was 20) or from now - i'm 22.
      This changes things in army service - from what i heard from 2 years to 6
      months. Also I heard that they might deffer army till I finish school.. but
      maybe not.

      Basically what I'm thinking of doing is to "lose" my passport, try to leave
      the country without a problem and deal with this when I get back a couple of
      months from now. I want to know if anyone has had the same or similar
      experience and what advice they can give.

      Someone told me that they knew someone who was let out of the country with a
      fight... but when he came back they took him straight to army basic

      If anyone has any information they think might help me, whether its about
      amount of army i have to do, defferment of army till after school, college
      counting/not counting towards being in the country for aliya benefits/army
      service.., and likeliness of me getting away with not having to deal with
      this at least till I come back to the country or longer.

      Please email any info to gokartsrus@....

      Thanx so much for your help :-)

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