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    Dear Taanglo-ers, the purpose of this message is to help clarify to everyone what the accepted official posting procedures are and why they exist. As most -
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 1, 2006
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      Dear Taanglo-ers, the purpose of this message is to help clarify to everyone what the accepted official posting procedures are and why they exist. As most - if not all - of you probably already realize, the Taanglo list exists expressly and exclusively as a forum for the exchange of information among and between Tel Aviv area English-speakers - particularly information that pertains to the availability of products, services, housing, automobiles, charitable organizations, events, activities, etc.

      Whether you are advertising your own business, seeking to obtain or provide merchandise or services of just about any type, searching for or offering a car or dwelling, or just wishing to promote, publicize or find out about an upcoming event, activity, or charity that could be of interest to English-speakers in the Tel Aviv area, your message is welcome here. All I ask, in the interest of orderliness and for the sake of convenient viewing and reading of posted messages, especially by those who may either view the list on the website or receive it in daily digest format via their personal email account(s), is that you please help out by observing the following message-posting guidelines when posting to the list:

      � In order to clearly categorize the topic of your message, you must select a KEYWORD of your choice (to be typed in all caps) from the list *below (at bottom of this message) to begin your message's subject heading

      � In order to further clarify to the reader what your message is about, please complete your subject heading line by following your selected KEYWORD with a hyphen and a brief descriptive line regarding your message's content.

      � In order to maintain proper 'Netiquette, it is essential, other than in your KEYWORD, to avoid typing in all caps. If you are trying to emphasize some part of your subject or your message, using Initial Caps or exclamation point(s)!! for those portions should be quite effective.

      � Additionally, to maintain 'Netiquette and to help promote a genial community atmosphere, we request that every message posted bear a signature (preferably clearly placed at the message's end)

      What Taanglo is not: Taanglo is not a forum for political/religious debate or discussion, nor is it a place to resolve or contest legal issues or controversies of any sort. Messages of those types will be either deleted or returned to their sender(s).

      I sincerely feel that, by limiting the use of Taanglo to these very specific purposes, as well as by implementing these few, simple posting procedures, we can most effectively maintain its focus, utility, and readability.

      New YahooGroups Email Address Display Policy

      An additional issue which I would like to address, and one which - i might add - seems to effect most of us from time to time, is that of email addresses included within the text of posted messages - until just recently, due to purported privacy/security concerns, Yahoogroups, by default, routinely truncated or "cloaked" any posted addresses, effectively rendering them useless. Until now, I would generally try and edit these addresses for you when I saw them (by adding appropriate spaces before of after the "@" sign), so that people wishing to reply to your messages would then be easily able to do so. However, due to time constraints, I was not always able to manage to fix all of them, and therefore, quite a few un-readable email addresses had found their way onto the list. I am now pleased to inform you that, after a great deal of pestering and nudniking, Yahoo has agreed to permit the full and accurate display of email addresses included within messages posted to the list, so there is no longer any need to edit or modify your (or any other) email addresses in any way.

      Naturally, I am always available to clarify or assist with any problems or questions you may have regarding Taanglo or with Taanglo's posting procedures. Thanks very much for your interest in Taanglo, and good luck and success to you in all your projects and activities.

      All the best,
      Beau - IsraelPCdoctor
      beau1 @ techie.com
      Skype: beau909
      VoIP: 1-214-321-9472


      MITZVA- For goodwill efforts for individuals or the community
      EVENT - To publicize an event coming up
      ADVICE? - To ask for advice
      INFO4U - To offer valuable information to the community
      FORSALE - Stuff for sale
      WANTED - Goods or services wanted
      CAR - To buy or sell any vehicles
      SERVICES - To publicize your small business
      JOBOPPS - Help wanted, for positions available
      JOBSEEK - Looking for employment
      APTSEEK - Looking for an apartment or home
      APTOPPS - Apartment or home for rent or sale
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