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Re: Digest Number 2771

... Yes, I read all I could find. Fuzzies and Space Vikings (where TNE stole the name) and such. A little more appropriate for TNE or Traveller:2300 IMHO. To
Jul 9

H. Beam Piper?

There is also at least one still around Piper List on yahoogroups or.. I know at least one traveller-RPG group on facebook looking to do a post-apoc, and never
Mike Adams
Jul 8

Re: Thinking about a Twilight 1840?

Yes or no, or already done to death or .. Mike ... Messages in this topic (4) ________________________________________________________________________ 1b.
Mike Adams
Jun 25

Current Tech Level and Effect on pre-Contact?

With recent progress in how we get to orbit and out of our solar system, what do you see the near term for the games? Mike
Mike Adams
Apr 17

Start Point Scenarios?

One group I was into doing more with was the "Knights of Tiln" and like named groups.. They traveled and wandered around building road houses and like places..
Mike Adams
Nov 10, 2014

Re: New Campaign Ideas

Wander until you find a place you can settle.
Nov 9, 2014

Re: New Campaign Ideas

I'm interested and will ginn up a character. But tell me, is the intent that we are going to wander or settle? Uncle ted
Nov 9, 2014

Re: New Campaign Ideas

That is quite true! Especialy since I live in the middle of one of its areas and they are more than a bit off.
Nov 7, 2014

Re: New Campaign Ideas

Hi, A lurker here, Like many of the modules written a long time ago, when we all a lot younger, they all gave us food for thought and ideas for the future now
Grant te Tau
Nov 6, 2014

Re: New Campaign Ideas

Take the Howling Wilderness stuff with a very large grain of salt. Much of it is poorly thought out, and a lot is just plain wrong. Don
Nov 6, 2014

Re: New Campaign Ideas

Excellent! I have already had my character concept and equipment approved by Jess. I will see you all in the "Into the West" Yahoo Group! DDTWilson
Damon Wilson
Nov 3, 2014

(no subject)

Here's my thoughts on J.P.s equipment. Let me know what you think. Thanks. Proposed Equipment for J.P. (In addition to horse/tack/food/etc.) M1 Carbine with
Louis Billard
Nov 2, 2014

Re: New Campaign Ideas

Awesome! Looks like we have enough to get started! I need to review the Howling Wilderness a bit. We will be in the midst of a food shortage....housing
Nov 2, 2014

Re: New Campaign Ideas

Might take me a day but I'm in as well Sent from my iPhone
Greg Schinella
Nov 2, 2014

Re: New Campaign Ideas

I just joined the group. I should have a character ready to submit by the end of today. Louis On Sunday, November 2, 2014 1:21 AM,
Louis Billard
Nov 2, 2014
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