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5043Re: [Synoptic-L] popular understandings of the Forgiveness Petition in the LP

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  • Arne Halbakken
    May 20 2:26 PM
      You might check out these sermons.

      Arne Halbakken

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      Subject: [Synoptic-L] popular understandings of the Forgiveness Petition in the LP

      With apologies for cross posting

      In the draft of my book on the Lord's/Disciple's Prayer I have claimed that what most contemporary Christians  think they are praying for when they say “Forgive us our trespasses/debts/sins as we forgive those who trespass/sin  against us” is either (1) a remittance of expected punishment for the sins they have individually committed or  (B)  a release from any and all guilt that is experienced on account of them, since more often than not, the “us” and the “our” and the “we” of the prayer is transmuted consciously or unconsciously into “me”, “my” and “I”.

      I'm wondering if List Folk here will help me document this claim by pointing me to  online sermons about, and discussions of, the petition and/or places in printed commentaries (devotional or otherwise) where such views are openly stated.  I'll need as much bibliographical information on these citations as possible.

      With thanks in advance,


      Jeffrey B. Gibson  D.Phil. Oxon.
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      Chicago, IL

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