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Re: How Luke used Matthew and Mark

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  • Jim Deardorff
    I made a bad blooper below, where Luke should have read John. ... had some brief ... Logia). Examples are ... the writer of ... Jim Deardorff
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 21, 1998
      I made a bad blooper below, where "Luke" should have read "John."

      At 06:13 PM 2/20/98 -0800, Jim Deardorff wrote, in response to Antonio:

      >My other research has shown me that the writer of Luke [make it John] had
      had some brief
      >access (apparently reading access but not transcribing or copying access) to
      >the same source that formed the basis of Matthew (which I've >called the
      Logia). Examples are
      >the episode of Jesus' appearance on the shore when he directed the disciples
      >where to make the huge catch of fish (though this was heavily >redacted by
      the writer of
      >John), and the mention of Judas being the son of Simon
      >Iscariot. The writer of Luke had a little more access to the >Logia, after
      >the writer of Matthew was done with it, but used the episode of
      >the miraculous catch of fish in a different context. These two >evangelists I
      >regard as the "others" within the quote from Papias regarding >Matthew, that
      >"each interpreted them [the Logia] as best he could."

      Jim Deardorff
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