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Re: [Synoptic-L] Smith's "Clement"

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  • Tim Reynolds
    on 22/10/04 7:47 AM, Dennis H White at dwhite@valleytel.net wrote: Has this list discussed Donald Harman Akenson s treatment of Dr. Smith s Clement?
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 22, 2004
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      Re: [Synoptic-L] Smith's "Clement" on 22/10/04 7:47 AM, Dennis H White at dwhite@... wrote:

      Has this list discussed
      Donald Harman Akenson's
      treatment of Dr. Smith's

      Akenson's SURPASSING WONDER,
      The University Of Chicago Press, 2001;
      Note 32, pp. 595-597 and

                      SAINT SAUL,
      Oxford University Press, 2000;
      pp. 84-89.

      Akenson considers "Secret Mark" as a
      joke or prank, and that "MortonSmith
      (who died in the early 1990s) has to be
      the most likely prankster, and he could
      only have enjoyed watching the most
      powerful figures in the liberal wing of
      the Quest establishment--Harvard, the
      Q Project, the Jesus Semonar being
      their intellectual bases--take the bait"

      If one accepts Akenson's evaluation of
      "Secret Mark," then permitting "Secret
      Mark" to set on the shelf, gathering dust
      and book mold would be appropriate.

      Dennis Henry White
      Eureka, SD (USA)

      I once wrote Smith that he and I were the only people in the world who *knew* he didn't forge that letter:  he because he didn't, and I because the only possible motivation for this project  would be to provide a solution to the Synoptic Problem, so the forger would be delighted when someone finally noticed, and here Smith didn't get it.

      His waspish crammed postcards were delightful.

      Tim Reynolds
      Long Beach CA

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