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RE: [Synoptic-L] Carlson's Synoptic Problem Website

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  • Peter M. Head
    Wieland wrote: Who s interested in history? Or who is interested in who was the first ... I am interested in the history. Dungan s book has some strengths in
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 22, 2004
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      Wieland wrote:
      Who's interested in history? Or who is interested in who was the first
      >who uttered a certain theory?
      >The facts are on the table. What we really need is a new Streeter.

      I am interested in the history. Dungan's book has some strengths in looking
      at broader world-view issues and influences (a much needed contribution
      even if not always very convincing), but is pretty hopeless on the history
      of the study of the synoptic problem (as everyone but him defines it).
      We've got Schmithals, but it is only in German and based on a rather
      triumphalist (teutonic) view of history ('to trace the history of the
      synoptic problem is to solve the problem). But he does go into the actual
      arguments that people used. We've got bits in Ku/mmel's History (useful
      quotes and such like) and in Baird's History. We've got bits of protest
      history in Farmer and Stoldt. We've got a bit as regards Q in various
      places (esp. K-V Excavating). And we've got quite a few bits and bobs in
      articles, monographs etc.

      But we don't have any history of the study of the synoptic problem. Despite
      the intrinsic importance of the subject and its influence on the rest of NT
      studies (esp. hist. Jesus, but other areas as well). If Stephen wants to
      write one, then more strength to him.


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