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[Synoptic-L] Why Jesus spoke Hebrew on the Damascus road

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  • Randall Buth
    thank you John for the address. ... I also recommend Ken s paper. a small note on rabbouni , that is, my lord , my rabboun . ... printed editions, it is
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      thank you John for the address.


      I also recommend Ken's paper.

      a small note on "rabbouni", that is, 'my lord', 'my rabboun'.

      >A century ago, when our access to Mishnaic Hebrew texts was through
      printed editions, it is true that Rabbouni was known only in Aramaic text<

      actually, it wasn't known in Aramaic either.

      Kutscher showed that RABBOUN was a western pronounciation for RIBBON
      "master, lord". Both published rrabbinic Hebrew and published Aramaic texts

      (cf. Targ. Onkelos) used ribbon because they were influenced by eastern
      spelling conventions.
      In the west, with the Cairo geniza discoveries and recognition of Codex
      Kaufmann as a depository of authentic Mishnaic Hebrew, did they
      recognize rabboun for what it was. In both Hebrew and Aramaic the
      western form was RABBOUN, while in the east the form was RIBBON.

      today? we say RIBBON, the result of the Babylonian tradition.


      Randall Buth

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