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Re: [Synoptic-L] Dunn quotation

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  • Mark Goodacre
    ... No, I m afraid not. It s just an assertion in a footnote in which Dunn refers to my Case Against Q and Cyril Rodd s recent Expository Times article on the
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 6, 2003
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      On 6 Jun 2003 at 19:08, Emmanuel Fritsch wrote:

      > May you say us, Mark, if Dunn provides good arguments for this
      > affirmation ?

      No, I'm afraid not. It's just an assertion in a footnote in which
      Dunn refers to my Case Against Q and Cyril Rodd's recent Expository
      Times article on the reconstruction of Q. There are several other
      negative references to Q sceptics in the course of the article, eg.
      me, Farmer, Goulder. But Dunn also clearly feels some antagonism
      towards Kloppenborg and others who attempt to reconstruct the text of
      Q and there are negative references to that enterprise throughout.
      So I think he sees himself as standing between two extreme poles.

      The main purpose of Dunn's interesting article will be familiar to
      anyone involved in the Xtalk sponsored on-line seminar with Dunn a
      little while ago. His basic claim is that what he calls the literary
      paradigm dominates the thinking of NT scholarship to the extent that
      this is a kind of "default setting". What we need to do is to enter
      into a completely different mind-set, one in which oral tradition is
      primary. We need to make this our "default setting".

      His paper is his SNTS presidential address 2002 and it gives a taster
      of a forthcoming book on the same subject. I'd be interested to hear
      if anyone else has any thoughts on this because it impacts directly
      on our understanding of the Synoptics. If I can get a moment and if
      there is interest, I'd be happy to share my own thoughts about Dunn's

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