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Re: [Synoptic-L] Five witnesses to sQ

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  • Ron Price
    I wrote; ... Jim, Perhaps the word quotation is too strong here; more like *allusion markers*. ... Yes, though with the proviso that Mark deliberately
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 17, 2003
      I wrote;

      >>There are five extant witnesses to the nature of sQ.
      >>(1) Paul is a witness to its general content.
      >>EN SOFIA LOGOU (1 Cor 1:17)
      >>EN DIDAKTOIS ... SOFIAS LOGOIS (1 Cor 2:13)

      Jim West replied:

      >so you see these as *quotation markers*?


      Perhaps the word "quotation" is too strong here; more like *allusion

      >>(2) Mark is a witness to its genre.
      >> The phrase EN TH DIDACH AUTOU occurs in Mark only at 4:2 and 12:38,
      >again- you see the prepositional phrase as a quotation indicator?

      Yes, though with the proviso that Mark deliberately slipped in a
      couple of non-sQ parables which may represent his own vision of the
      gospel message.

      >>(4) Luke is a witness to its size.
      >> "The Lord appointed seventy-two ..... and sent them ..... two by two
      >>....." (Lk 10:1).
      >> This looks like a subtle hint at the 72 paired sayings attributed to
      >>Jesus which constitute sQ.

      >i like this one a lot- but it might be dashed to bits on the rock of
      >re-counting (the units of sQ).

      Possible, but less likely than one might think because the links into
      pairs help in the delineation. For example, 'Sheep/coin' makes such a
      good parallel with the single saying 'Pearls/swine' that it seems highly
      likely that the lost sheep and the lost coin were treated together as a
      single saying. Also some sections of sQ appear to have been in two
      halves. In section A their remnants can be found in Mt ch.5 and Mt ch.7
      respectively. In section D their remnants can be found in Mt ch.23 // Lk
      11:39-52 and Mt ch.24 // Lk 17:23-35 respectively. Taking these as equal
      halves (for which there is some evidence in sections B and D), together
      with the pairings, indicates that the total number of sayings would
      probably have been a whole multiple of 4.

      >>(5) Papias is a witness to its author and its language.
      >> "Matthew recorded the oracles [TA LOGIA] in the Hebrew tongue.
      >so you see ta logia as a title?
      >if so- why does papias call it ta logia, while paul, as you show above,
      >calls it sofia logou...?

      No, I see it merely as a label.

      Ron Price

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