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[Synoptic-L] Re: "Challenging Q"

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  • Eric Eve
    ... interested ... Expository ... short ... to ... Leonard, Many thanks for your appreciative notice. Since you have already tootled my trumpet on my behalf,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2002
      Leonard Maluf very kindly wrote:

      > Since he is probably too modest to sound his own horn, you may be
      > to know that Eric Eve has an article in the current issue of the
      > Times (113, 12 Sept. 2002, 408-409), entitled "Challenging Q". In this
      > article he defends a published challenge to Q from an attempted response
      > this challenge by a die-hard supporter of the 2 DH. Worth the read.


      Many thanks for your appreciative notice. Since you have already tootled my
      trumpet on my behalf, perhaps it would not be to immodest of me to suppose
      that you and anyone else on the list who reads the piece may wonder what
      support there is for the assertion in n. 13 of my article which states,
      "Foster's suggestion of a further asymmetry between the reconstructions of Q
      and Mark in relation to Mark-Q overlaps is also not convincing." It looks as
      if in order to compress my article into the space available the editor
      compressed my already compressed couple of paragraphs on this point into
      this even more compressed footnote. In case you or any others are
      interested, I've just posted the text of what I originally wrote in the
      omitted passage at:


      You may also like to look at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~manc0049/thought_exp/
      for some further material I've been putting together on this issue,
      although, as will become apparent from that page (or from my article to
      which you so kindly refer), my full statement of the argument (that
      attempting to reconstruct Mark from Matthew and Luke in a manner analogous
      to that in which Q is reconstructed from Matthew and Luke would not produce
      very reliable results) is due to come out in a collection of pieces edited
      by Mark Goodacre and Nicholas Perrin.

      Best wishes,

      Eric Eve
      Harris Manchester College, Oxford

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