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[Synoptic-L] Doublets (was: The 'Hand/eye' doublet)

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  • Ron Price
    ... Stephen, I don t know of any study along these lines. ... I don t have easy access to Hawkins. But if we look at the more recent Davies & Allison _Matthew
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2002
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      Stephen Carlson wrote:

      >It is standard dogma that doublets come (or more likely to come)
      >from written sources, but part of what I am doing is questioning
      >the basis for this dogma. Where's the evidence? Has any study
      >been done? How many doublets does it take? How good do they
      >have to be?


      I don't know of any study along these lines.

      >Furthermore, if we look at Matthew's doublets as identified by
      >Hawkins, the 2ST can only explain about 1/3 of them. I assume
      >that your 3ST is in the same quandry. I count: 7 M-Mark doublets,
      >7 Q-Mark doubles, 4 M-Q doublets, 2 Mark-Mark doublets, and 2 M-M
      >doublets. Thus, out of 22 doublets, Mark-Q accounts for only 7
      >of them (I assume your proposal is to shift one double from the
      >M-Mark to the Q-Mark category, but the general problem remains).

      I don't have easy access to Hawkins.
      But if we look at the more recent Davies & Allison _Matthew Vol I_,
      pp.91-92, he lists 9 doublets as resulting from Mark/Q overlap and 10 as
      due to Matthean redaction. I assign 'Hand/eye' and 'Last/first' to sQ,
      so this would transfer two of the doublets and make 11 due to Mark/sQ
      overlap, i.e. 58%, which is rather better than the 32% deduced from
      Hawkins' data.
      However there are also several cases where I believe Mark has rather
      freely adapted an sQ saying and this has given rise to what I would
      argue is a Matthean doublet, e.g. Mk 13:31 // Mt 24:35 // Mt 5:18
      (replacing the Mosaic law with the words of Jesus), Mk 13:10 // Mt 24:14
      // Mt 10:23 (replacing the mission to Jews with the mission to Gentiles)
      and Mk 10:29-30 // Mt 19:29 // Mt 19:28 (replacing a reward for the
      twelve with a reward suitable for Gentiles). I believe this particular
      set of replacements gives us an invaluable insight into Mark's editorial

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