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re: the early church

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  • Yuri Kuchinsky
    On Sat, 15 Aug 1998, Joel Mason wrote: ... Joel, This is not what the Bible says. ... He had no jurisdiction. ... Yes, I m aware of this theory, but, sorry, I
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      On Sat, 15 Aug 1998, Joel Mason wrote:


      > Paul never did work in Syria.


      This is not what the Bible says.

      > That is way outside his jurisdiction.

      He had no jurisdiction.

      > Could a marshal from Toronto serve warrants in Detroit? Law and Order
      > existed in the time of Paul as well. Damascus was "down" from
      > Jerusalem which means down the Jericho road in the region of the Dead
      > Sea (cf. Eusebius, Josephus, etc).

      Yes, I'm aware of this theory, but, sorry, I don't share it.

      > Check the Recognitions of Clement Book I for more information on Paul
      > and his relations with the early followers of Jesus and Gamaliel.

      I'm aware of this too.

      > Jesus and his brothers evidently were attempting to throw off the
      > Herodian priesthood much like the Maccabean brothers had cleansed the
      > Temple in their generation.

      This is a minority view.

      > The leadership of the early Church went not to Paul (much to his
      > chagrin),

      But Paul was persecuting the Church. Did you forget this part?

      > not to Peter (as the gospel accounts would have us believe),
      > but to James the Just, Jesus own brother which Eusebius and Jerome and
      > others find incredibly embarrassing but in the earliest sources
      > (Hegisippus).

      Yes, this is well known.

      > It is turning out to be an embarrassment for Jesus Seminar and Pauline
      > Christian scholars of our day

      Your view only.

      > as well as they continue to debate as historical fact what is in
      > reality a historical mythology founded by Paul through his ecstatic
      > visions interpreted through his Merkhabh mysticism (cf. Paul the
      > Convert by Alan F. Segal).

      Thank you for your views.


      Yuri Kuchinsky || Toronto


      The goal proposed by Cynic philosophy is apathy, which is
      equivalent to becoming God -=O=- Julian
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