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Re: [Synoptic-L] MEGAS SFODRA

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    In a message dated 2/27/2002 1:31:56 AM Eastern Standard Time, K.Hanhart@net.HCC.nl writes:
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      K.Hanhart@... writes:

      << LXX Gen 29.2 reads lithos de èn megas as in Mark, except that Mark uses
      his "gar" in stead of "de" and he adds sphodra to call attention to the
      biblical reference. I too believe that Mark referred to this passage in his
      new midrash with which he ended his post-70 revision of the Passover Haggadah
      used in the ecclesia. >>

      This grammatical analysis is imprecise. The main difference between LXX Gen
      29:2 and Mk 16:4b is an important syntactical one, not the substitution by
      Mark of gar for de. In Mark, the term megas is predicative, whereas in Gen
      29:2 the same term, in spite of its physical position in the sentence, is
      attributive (just as in Matt 27:60). Mk 16:4b looks to me like a typical
      Markan addition and afterthought, with Mark's characteristic heightening of
      the drama through the use of sphodra. The lateness of the phrase is
      confirmed, from a Two-Gospel perspective, by the fact that not a trace of it
      is found in this place in the other Synoptics. It reads well as a late
      addition to the story, in line with many others of its kind throughout the
      Gospel of Mark.

      Leonard Maluf

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