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Re: [Synoptic-L] problems and new results

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  • Brian E. Wilson
    In message , dgentil@sears.com writes ... OK, but I don t think it matters how hypotheses are reached, but
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 21, 2002
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      In message <OF5B345ECB.8B135F12-ON86256B66.005A42C6@...>,
      dgentil@... writes
      >Since with the new method I can't show that 200 correlates with "202+102",
      >something like what you describe
      >becomes at least a logical possibility. The way you have described it below
      >sounds almost like a photo-negative hypothesis, an authors style is mostly
      >determined by what he omits.

      OK, but I don't think it matters how hypotheses are reached, but how
      well the data fits.

      > However, I still see this as rather unlikely.


      >I suspect if we used concrete examples, what you describe would be very
      >difficult in practice.

      Would you like to suggest such an example?

      That is, to date, you appear to have accepted it as a logical
      possibility, but rejected without further argument or example.

      Peter Wilson pp Brian Wilson

      >I would suggest that 202-102 is the result of Mt and Lk depending on the
      >documentary source (whatever that may have been). Luke heavily omits words
      >are not his style to form 202 and 102. Matthew only lightly omits some
      >words to
      >produce the 102 words. The Lukan effect is stronger than the Matthean. So
      >202-102 is the consequence.
      >In the case of 002 and 102 Mt omits completely all the wording, whether in
      >style, or not, but Mt only lightly omits wording to form 102. So there is
      >For 201 and 102, we are comparing words that Luke omitted but Mt retained,
      >words Lk retained by Mt omitted. So no 201-102 either.
      >All the results can be accounted for similarly, without positing any
      >synoptic documentary hypothesis.
      >Best wishes,
      >Brian E. Wilson
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      Brian E. Wilson

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