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Mk. 3:28-29 and the Scribal chrage against Jesus

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    The recent Crosstalk thread on blasphemy brought to mind some questions I ve for some time been entertaining regarding the Markan Jesus labeling as
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 1998
      The recent Crosstalk thread on blasphemy brought to mind some questions
      I've for some time been entertaining regarding the Markan Jesus'
      labeling as blasphemous, and as earning them "no forgiveness", the
      Scribes' charge that Jesus acts in collusion with the prince of demons
      (Mk. 3:28-29; cf. Mk. 3:22).

      It is not so much the charge of blasphemy that bothers me, but the
      accusation that because of their proclamation of Jesus being in league
      with the prince of demons the Scribes have earned the refusal of
      forgiveness EIS TON AIWNA. Surely, if the scribes are venting their
      opinion regarding what they honestly see as the power behind Jesus
      exorcisms -- a view which would not be hard to come by honestly in that,
      given how Jesus seems prior to Mk. 3:20-30 to be calling Israelites to
      engage in breaking Sabbath and purity laws, Jesus seems to be the false
      prophet of Deut. 13--, then Jesus' designation of the degree of their
      blameworthiness is way out of proportion to the "crime" in which they
      have taken part. So does not Jesus' accusation imply that something more
      sinister is going on here -- that the Scribes are consciously engaging
      in "dirty tricks", that is to say, that they are not only intentionally
      trying to blacken Jesus' name with a charge of witchcraft, but that they
      do this in *full knowledge* that what they say is *not* the truth?

      This, of course, would imply that the enemies of Jesus are privy to the
      "messianic secret". But isn't this what James Robinson argued anyway
      with respect to the enemies when he noted (_The Problem of History in
      Mark_) the similarities between Mark's portrayal of the debates/conflict
      stories and the exorcisms?


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