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[Synoptic-L] Consistancy?

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  • David Gentile
    Following Ron Price s suggestion, I m looking at the E-I data by itself, to check for consistency. It s not as stable as I though, but it s not that bad
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2001
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      Following Ron Price's suggestion, I'm looking at the E-I data by itself, to
      check for consistency. It's not as stable as I though, but it's not that bad
      either. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the unexpected results are the most

      What stayed the same:

      What we already knew, for one. Things like 020=021 are still there. When I
      get the confidence levels, I can check by level to see how many survived. It
      looks pretty much the same here.

      The evidence for proto-Matthew is still there. 211 and 210 still form one
      strong group and don't look much like 200. 200 still looks like 202 and 201.
      202 still looks like 201 and 102. 002 does not look much like the double
      tradition, and 002 looks like 112 but 200 does not look like 211 very much.

      What changed:

      The 202-200 connection disappeared. This surprised me. I was surprised to
      see it, and I'm surprised to see it go away. It was at the 99.99% confidence
      level. Even given 170 pairs, there should only have been 1 chance in 50 of
      any pair being false. The scatter plot showed a strong pattern, it was not
      just based on a few points. Never-the-less it's gone. 222 now claims to look
      like 220 and 022, which is not surprising. I suspect 222-202 may show up
      again in future data, now that I understand what caused it. (Matthew and
      Luke agreeing to keep both).

      012-210 disappeared. No surprise there.

      The 112-122 connection disappeared. I find this one disappointing. It showed
      up in the delta data, and was supported by A-G, but E-I does not support it.
      After having viewed the scatter plot for this one, however, I understand
      that it was based mostly on a few key observations. Apparently those are not
      present in the E-I data. However, the interesting behavior of those words in
      the A-D sample, points to other possible investigations.

      That's it for now,

      Dave Gentile
      Riverside, Illinois
      M.S. Physics
      PhD Management Science candidate

      "When you have eliminated the impossible,
      whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
      - Sherlock Holmes,
      in The Sign of Four, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

      "Why sometimes I've believed as many as
      six impossible things before breakfast."
      - The Red Queen,
      in Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll

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