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[Synoptic-L] Features of proto-Mk/Lk

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  • David Gentile
    One place I just came across where Luke seems prior to Mark is Mk 9:37. Mt/Mk have Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me . Lk has Whoever
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2001
      One place I just came across where Luke seems prior to Mark is Mk 9:37.
      Mt/Mk have "Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me".
      Lk has "Whoever receives this child in my name receives me".

      Luke addresses the disciples, whereas Mk/Mt seem addressed to the audience
      of the gospel.
      It seems more likely that Luke was the original here.

      Also, there is this interesting feature:
      On my hypothesis the Mark/Q overlap was not in proto-Mark/Lk.
      A => Mk A=> B A+B => Lk Mk+B => Mt
      This means that Mk 3:22-3:30 (the controversy) were not there.
      Assuming that Mk 3:20-21 was in proto-Mark, this brings these parts together
      in proto-Mark:

      .20and the crowd
      came together
      again, so that they
      could not even eat.
      3.21And when his
      family heard it, they
      went out to seize
      him, for people
      were saying, "He is
      beside himself."

      ((3.31And his mother
      and his brothers
      came; ))

      and standing
      outside they sent to
      him and called him.
      3.32And a crowd was
      sitting about him;
      and they said to
      him, "Your mother
      and your brothers
      are outside, asking
      for you." 3.33And he
      replied, "Who are
      my mother and my
      brothers?" 3.34And
      looking around on
      those who sat about
      him, he said, "Here
      are my mother and
      my brothers!
      3.35Whoever does
      the will of God is my
      brother, and sister,
      and mother."

      This seems to be a logical connection. My next question here is which
      position for this is more original? Luke has it after the sower parable,
      Mark has it before. If we assume, as above, that Mark took some action to
      break this up, we might also assume he moved it. Also Luke seems unaware of
      Jesus teaching from the boat, before "going to the other side". Absent any
      compelling reason to remove the boat, I would suspect it was not in

      This would mean proto-Mark would have had 3:13 - "on the mountain", and
      3:13-19 "Call of the 12", immediately followed by the sower parable:

      And he
      taught them many
      things in parables,
      and in his teaching
      he said to them: 4.3 "
      Listen! A sower
      went out to sow....

      Thus when proto-Mt/Q+ wanted to add sayings to the gospel, "on the mount"
      would have been the natural location to add more sayings since the sower
      parable was already there.

      In the sower parable explanation, Jesus says he speaks in parables so that
      only they will understand. This would fit with the parable originally being
      addressed only to the disciples, and not to "the crowds". Subsequently the
      gospel authors would have made alterations in order to have Jesus address
      crowds, rather than keep things secret. Cannon Mark's persistent "and the
      crowds followed", could then be viewed as a reaction to proto-Mk/Lk where
      the crowds were not evident.

      Dave Gentile
      Riverside, Illinois

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