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Re: [Synoptic-L] If Luke knew Matthew - part two

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  • Emmanuel Fritsch
    ... Is it not possible to say that in order , for Luke, means in fact in an order , ie Luke means that several documents for the different tradition about
    Message 1 of 18 , Nov 2, 2001
      Mark Goodacre wrote :

      > > "The adverb KAQEXHS lets the reader into Luke's reason for writing
      > > and his way of going about it. At Luke 8.1 and Acts 18.23 he uses it
      > > of Jesus and Paul travelling from place to place, at Acts 3.24 of a
      > > succession of prophecy beginning with Samuel which foretold the events
      > > he narrates, and at Acts 11.4 of Peter telling in orderly succession
      > > the events which led him to support the admission of the gentiles.
      > > Its meaning emerges as 'in succession', 'connectedly' or 'in
      > > historical order'. It testifies to Luke's enthusiasm for temporal
      > > succession as his vehicle for theology, a conviction inherited from
      > > the Old Testament and, above all, from the Deuteronomistic historian
      > > whose Succession Narrative, well so called, deployed it on an equally
      > > epic scale."
      > More broadly in relation to Luke's order, I simply find it difficult to
      > imagine Luke creating that feeling of narrative continuity, of
      > movement, of biographical plausibility, while retaining the huge
      > Matthaean structures. I'm just not sure how it would have been
      > possible to do that.

      Is it not possible to say that "in order", for Luke, means
      in fact "in an order", ie Luke means that several documents
      for the different tradition about Jesus is "disorder", ie
      not 'connected', not 'in succession' ?

      With other words : May "in order" be just the mix of all information
      that come to Luke into a single documents, presenting a BION of Jesus
      in continuity, and thus, "in order" would just represent the trend
      to merge stories ?


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