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[Synoptic-L] Unsupported views of Matthew & early Christianity

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  • John Lupia
    Synoptic-L@bham.ac.uk Dr Mark Goodacre wrote: Though I wouldn t want to rule out the thought ... I think this is outlandish! However, my view about this is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2001

      Dr Mark Goodacre wrote:

      Though I wouldn't want to rule out the thought
      > that it was used "evangelistically", I wonder whether Matthew is
      > attempting to propogate among Christians a more Torah-observant
      > Christian Judaism, in which the householder draws from his
      > treasure-chest both "the new" and "the old" (13.52). There is a
      > contrast with some other forms of early Christianity, and I would
      > agree with Leonard Maluf's comments to the extent that Matthew
      > does look, in some ways, like a re-primitivizing of the gospel story,
      > an attempt, perhaps, to re-Judaize, even "re-Jesuize" Jesus (for
      > want of better terms). What do you think?

      I think this is outlandish! However, my view about this is formed by my
      seeing the Gospel order probably in reverse of your view. Since I have
      concluded the order is: Luke, John, Matthew, Mark. I also understand that
      when Mark, a Gospel written to a Gentile world, is considered to have been
      written first outlandish suggestions are made about the infant Church and
      what the Gospel authors are thought to be doing. You do understand this
      issue don't you? Your claim about the Gospel of Matthew , for example,
      "There is a contrast with some other forms of early Christianity" is a mine
      field of not only anti-Catholic polemic but has no objective scientific
      foundation but one based on harshly adverse and hidden agenda
      interpretations of what the NT texts say. For such a claim to be properly
      supported in academic circles a source or sources outside of the NT that are
      primary sources c. AD 60-80 ( the popular , though not my view of when
      Matthew was written) would be required to support this claim.

      Cordially in Christ,

      John N. Lupia
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