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[Synoptic-L] Fwd from Mike Grondin: Re: GTHOM

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  • Mark Goodacre
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      Subject: Re: GTHOM

      On May 22nd, John Lupia wrote:
      >I think the Q bias and other preconceived biased influences cause
      >researchers to interpret and even translate GThom favorably attempting to
      >show its close proximity to the Canonical Gospels.
      >It is my impression that GThom is filled with comic lampoons of Jesus'
      >sayings that contain double meanings with a comic punchline. I present six
      >logia here that clearly display this. I have many more examples but some
      >are too lewd to post.

      Apologies for this belated response to a note which is now over a month
      old, but my attention has only recently been drawn to Lupia's views of GTh,
      and I thought to come here to read his full presentation. Frankly, I'm
      appalled. Never have I seen such blatant canonical bias as permeates every
      fibre of the subject note. The responses of Rick Hubbard and Dave Hindley -
      both of whom I respect - focussed on what little positive results can be
      wrung from it. What I believe to be more noteworthy is how Lupia is able
      to come up with such patently unlikely interpretations as that the sheep
      parable implies sodomy, yet seems not to realize that lascivious intent
      can be just as easily read into numerous NT passages such as Luke's "The
      sower went forth to sow his seed." And Lupia has the nerve to talk about
      "Q bias"?

      Michael Grondin

      The Coptic Gospel of Thomas, saying-by-saying

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