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[Synoptic-L] Markan priority is dead!

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  • John Lupia
    ... Synoptic-L@bham.ac.uk From: John Lupia To: List Please note that the quotation does not accurately report what Mark Goodacre said -- the final sentence
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 3, 2001
      On Tue, 3 Jul 2001 20:06:51 +0100, M.S.Goodacre@... wrote:

      > On 3 Jul 2001, at 10:34, John Lupia wrote:
      > > On the TC-List (Fri, 15 Jun 2001) Mark Goodacre pointed out that:

      From: John Lupia
      To: List

      Please note that the quotation does not accurately report
      what Mark Goodacre said -- the final sentence below is not his but mine and
      does not in any way represent his views, but, rather, mine.
      > >there are lots of Minor Agreements between Matthew and Luke against
      > Mark, c. 1000 in Neirynck's list. These MAs are prima facie a
      > problem for the theory of Matthew's and Luke's independent
      > redaction of Mark and it is for this reason that defenders of that
      > view often appeal to the possibility that they were generated in
      > textual transmission. This is completely impossible which I have
      > pointed out both on this list and on the TC-list.

      Somehow the spaces got deleted and I missed it. Sorry for such a gross
      blunder. I wish in no way to misrepresent Dr. Goodacre's view. So, I
      repeat that this hypothetical textual transmission theory is a smoking gun
      and no text critic in the world will touch it since it is scientifically
      impossible. The burden of proof is on the shoulders of those who wish to
      demonstrate to the world how this is possible. Once done it indeed will be
      of such sensational consequence that they will have simultaneously proven
      not only Marcan priority but that the Gospels of Luke and Matthew as we now
      know them were the results of universal scribal conspiracy in the
      manipulation of their texts to read vastly un-Marcan for some undisclosed
      reason. Those who propose such theories fail to see the world of difference
      between scribal transmission creating MA's in isolated texts from it having
      been a global phenomenon and having been made very early on. Of course that
      is also why as a hidden agenda such advocates wish to deny any possibility
      to C. P. Thiede's mid 1st century dating of the Magdalen Papyrus of Matthew.
      Please note that I do not put all weight on this as if it were the only
      piece of evidence that destroys this view. Nor do I wish to argue about the
      dating of it here. That is appropriate for the TC-List. Moreover,
      Neirynck's list or Neirynck's wall, to use a better term, is an
      insurmountable hurdle for Marcan prioritists and it is not the only one.

      Cordially in Christ,

      John N. Lupia
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      they reach full communion." John Paul II, Tertio Millennio Adveniente, 16

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