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[Synoptic-L] Who is it that struck you? (Was -Markan wording: methodology)

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  • Brian E. Wilson
    Emmanuel Fritsch wrote -- ... Emmanuel, All the messages from you that I have answered on Synoptic-L have come via Synoptic-L. For instance, your message
    Message 1 of 18 , Jun 26, 2001
      Emmanuel Fritsch wrote --
      >In fact, I posted yesterday a private answer to Brian, I replied at
      >noon to the list, and I did not check the path of return this
      >Please, Brian, when I write "private mail", do not answer to the whole
      >list, or signal the change of destinator at the head of your mail.
      All the messages from you that I have answered on Synoptic-L
      have come via Synoptic-L.

      For instance, your message timed 8.45 Tuesday 26 June 2001, began with
      the words "private mail" but had the subject heading

      >[Synoptic-L] Markan wording methodology

      showing that it had come via Synoptic-L. Since, therefore, it was
      already available to everyone on the List, I saw nothing wrong in
      answering it on the List. In fact I thought "private mail" was an oddity
      of idiom caused by English not being your first language.

      I must say I have seen nothing that has upset me in any way in any of
      your postings. I thrive on criticism, and usually try and turn what I
      consider unfair comments back on my critics.

      I also consider that our exchange of views has been really very
      productive. It is not a word game as far as I am concerned, but a step
      by step inquiry into some of the ideas and methods of Boismard.

      Thank you for taking my thoughts sufficiently seriously to bother to
      criticize them.

      Incidentally, there does seem to be something of a time-lag for some
      Synoptic-L postings arriving at my machine. On occasions I receive
      answers to postings which I have not seen but which arrive later. I
      think some contributors send "courtesy copies" to the person to whom
      they are responding, and these arrive before the Synoptic-L "original"
      has been circulated to the List. I personally do not send courtesy
      copies because I think they can cause problems and in practice are not
      courteous to the other contributors to the List.

      A thought concerning the gospel of Mark. It seems so me that the great
      majority of narratives in Mark show Jesus or John the Baptist as the
      dominant figure. Let us suppose that it was the deliberate policy of the
      writer of the gospel of Mark to include in his book narratives showing
      Jesus or John the Baptist as the dominant figure.

      If so, then I would suggest that this might throw light on what is
      considered by some scholars to be the most significant minor agreement
      of Matthew and Luke against Mark in the triple tradition -- the words
      "who is it that struck you" in Mt 26.68b // Lk 22.64b, not present in
      the parallel material in Mark. For these words show Jesus as
      embarrassingly **not** the dominant figure. If Mark's major concern was
      to depict Jesus as the dominant figure, the strong son of God, then he
      may very well have omitted "Who is it that struck you?" because far from
      showing Jesus as the dominant figure, they present him as being
      overwhelmingly dominated by those guarding him.

      I am not suggesting that this argument should be used as the basis of
      any documentary hypothesis, but rather as an idea that might go some way
      to account for what has been a puzzle to many.

      Best wishes,

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