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Re: [Synoptic-L] Sleeping Disciples: Apostasy in Gethsemane, Part I

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      weedent@... writes:

      << Fourth, these three terms or concepts appear nowhere else in close
      proximity to each other in the NT except in Mt. 26:41, in which case Matthew
      renders Mk.14:38 almost verbatim (substituting only EISELQHTE for Mark's
      ELQHTE). So the evidence is quite convincing that Mark has drawn upon the
      LXX: Ps. 77:39-41 for constructing Jesus' admonition to the disciples in
      14:38. >>

      Only, of course, if you think Mark wrote before Matthew. The second part of
      Matt 26:41 contains what could be described as a Mattheanism in Mark. Mark
      never has a MEN ... DE construction on his own (without a clear parallel in
      Matthew), and he even leaves off the DE in a couple of these constructions
      which he (partially) borrows from Matthew (cf. 4:4 and 9:12). On the other
      hand, the construction is used repeatedly by Matthew, even in special Matthew
      material, and always with the complete, balanced construction MEN ... DE
      (which Mark picks up a few times).

      Leonard Maluf

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