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Re: [Synoptic-L] Interlocking verse method-2

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      [Richard Anderson]
      >Why would there be no mention that Jesus served as HP?

      This is an excellent question and the answer requires a book. I will
      briefly cite:
      Heb 4,15; 5,5,10;6,20;7,26;8,1,3;9,11;10,14>>

      John, these texts do not in any way suggest that Jesus served as High Priest.
      They speak explicitly of a High Priesthood that is of an entirely different
      order from that of the Jewish priesthood, and that began with the passion and
      resurrection of Jesus. This is the clear implication of 5:1-10, taken in
      context, and the author explicitly denies, in 8:4, that Jesus would be priest
      "if he were on earth". This perspective coheres perfectly, in its negative
      side, with the universal witness of the gospels.

      Leonard Maluf

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