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Re: [Synoptic-L] New Roads Beyond the Synoptic Impasse:8

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  • RSBrenchley@aol.com
    ... an ... This I find quite plausible, though without evidence it has to remain speculation. I have long felt James the Lord s brother becoming the leader in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2001
      John Lupia writes:

      > Robert, I am very pleased that you asked the question about the difference
      > between James Zebedee and James the brother of the Lord. I think I have
      > answer for you that would satisfy both of us. The problem is this: Are
      > these two different men consistently in the literature? Some scholars
      > consider both sons of Zebedee to be Jesus' cousins, hence James the brother
      > of the Lord would signify him. In this prosopographical reconstruction
      > Mary/Salome is considered to be the sister of Mary the mother of Jesus.
      > Mc 6,3
      > Gal 1,19
      > Both of these are consistent with John's brother James as a blood relative
      > to Jesus through Jesus' aunt Mary-Salome. I believe this reconstruction is
      > correct, and that James the brother of the Lord is John's brother.
      > If you think this is difficult how about this: John 1,35-42 might refer to
      > John talking with his cousin John the Baptist while John Zebedee was with
      > his son Andrew. This would make Peter and Andrew John the Evangelist's
      > children. In fact, such a reconstruction is plausible. So the three
      > pillars Peter, John and James were a family nucleus and all blood relatives
      > of Jesus!
      This I find quite plausible, though without evidence it has to remain
      speculation. I have long felt James the Lord's brother becoming the leader in
      Jerusalem found an echo in Shi'ite Islam, which insists that only a
      descendant of the Prophet can be a legitimate Caliph (successor). All you're
      doing is taking it a step further, and who would be more likely to become
      Jesus' first and most important followers in that type of culture than his
      own extended family? I'm sure I've read of parallel situations in the African
      Instituted Churches, though it would take some considerable time to chase
      them up unless I was lucky.

      Unfortunately, of course, it remains unproveable. I'm aware of the
      potential confusion regarding the many Jameses; that's why I asked the
      question I did.


      Robert Brenchley


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