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[Synoptic-L] Luke's Significantly Frequent Words

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  • Stephen C. Carlson
    The following words are statistically more frequent in Luke than in the other two synoptics according to Pearson s Chi-Squared test (p
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2001
      The following words are statistically more frequent in
      Luke than in the other two synoptics according to
      Pearson's Chi-Squared test (p<5%):

      *)ELISA/BET (0/0/9) Matt-100% Mark- Luke+151%
      *LA/ZAROS (0/0/4) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      *MA/RQA (0/0/4) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      A)DIKI/A (0/0/4) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      A)FI/STHMI (0/0/4) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      A)GAQOPOIE/W (0/0/4) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      BALLA/NTION (0/0/4) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      BRE/FOS (0/0/5) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      E)FI/STHMI (0/0/7) Matt-100% Mark- Luke+151%
      E)NW/PION (0/0/22) Matt-100% Mark-100% Luke+151%
      E)PISTA/THS (0/0/7) Matt-100% Mark- Luke+151%
      EU)FRAI/NW (0/0/6) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      FA/TNH (0/0/4) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      KATAKLI/NW (0/0/5) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      LIMH/N (0/0/5) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      MH/N (0/0/5) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      MNA= (0/0/9) Matt-100% Mark- Luke+151%
      OI)KONO/MOS (0/0/4) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      PRA/SSW (0/0/6) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      SWTHRI/A (0/0/4) Matt- Mark- Luke+151%
      U(POSTRE/FW (0/0/21) Matt-100% Mark-100% Luke+151%
      XA/RIS (0/0/8) Matt-100% Mark- Luke+151%
      FI/LOS (1/0/15) Matt-083% Mark-100% Luke+135%
      *)IEROUSALH/M (2/0/27) Matt-082% Mark-100% Luke+134%
      *ZAXARI/AS (1/0/10) Matt- Mark- Luke+128%
      EU)AGGELI/ZW (1/0/10) Matt- Mark- Luke+128%
      DE/OMAI (1/0/8) Matt- Mark- Luke+123%
      PI/MPLHMI (2/0/13) Matt- Mark-100% Luke+118%
      E)PAI/RW (1/0/6) Matt- Mark- Luke+115%
      NOMIKO/S (1/0/6) Matt- Mark- Luke+115%
      SUNE/XW (1/0/6) Matt- Mark- Luke+115%
      E)/TOS (1/2/15) Matt-085% Mark- Luke+109%
      PARAXRH=MA (2/0/10) Matt- Mark- Luke+109%
      U(PA/RXW (3/0/15) Matt- Mark-100% Luke+109%
      PLH=QOS (0/2/8) Matt-100% Mark- Luke+101%
      QOBE/OMAI (1/1/8) Matt- Mark- Luke+101%
      *MARIA/M (4/0/13) Matt- Mark-100% Luke+092%
      E(/TEROS (10/0/32) Matt- Mark-100% Luke+091%
      TE/ (3/0/9) Matt- Mark- Luke+088%
      EI)RH/NH (4/1/14) Matt- Mark- Luke+085%
      DE/KA (3/1/11) Matt- Mark- Luke+084%
      O(MOI/WS (3/1/11) Matt- Mark- Luke+084%
      R(H=MA (5/2/19) Matt- Mark- Luke+084%
      PLH/N (5/1/15) Matt- Mark-079% Luke+079%
      SU/N (4/6/23) Matt-068% Mark- Luke+075%
      A)NH/R (8/4/27) Matt-045% Mark- Luke+074%
      LAO/S (14/2/36) Matt- Mark-083% Luke+074%
      KLAI/W (2/3/11) Matt-067% Mark- Luke+073%
      E)RWTA/W (4/3/15) Matt- Mark- Luke+071%
      NU=N (4/3/14) Matt- Mark- Luke+067%
      OU)XI/ (9/0/18) Matt- Mark-100% Luke+067%
      *)ABRAA/M (7/1/15) Matt- Mark-081% Luke+064%
      E)GGI/ZW (7/3/18) Matt- Mark- Luke+061%
      POREU/OMAI (29/0/51) Matt- Mark-100% Luke+060%
      A(MARTWLO/S (5/6/18) Matt-054% Mark- Luke+056%
      KALE/W (26/4/43) Matt- Mark-076% Luke+048%
      OU(/TOS (35/22/80) Matt-032% Mark- Luke+047%
      QEO/S (51/48/122) Matt-038% Mark- Luke+039%
      EU(RI/SKW (27/11/45) Matt- Mark-042% Luke+036%
      H(ME/RA (45/27/83) Matt-023% Mark- Luke+034%
      EI)=PON (212/85/314) Matt- Mark-039% Luke+029%
      GI/NOMAI (75/54/131) Matt-023% Mark- Luke+027%
      O(/S (125/87/190) Matt-017% Mark- Luke+019%
      OU(=TOS (112/54/149) Matt- Mark-024% Luke+019%
      E)N (293/132/361) Matt- Mark-026% Luke+015%

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