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[Synoptic-L] Re: Crucifixion

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  • Ken Olson
    On April 26, 2001, John Lupia wrote: In Response to Ken Olson: You said: What do you make of Quintilian Declamations 6.9? But bodies are cut down from
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      On April 26, 2001, John Lupia wrote:
      In Response to Ken Olson:
      You said:
      "What do you make of Quintilian Declamations 6.9? 
      "But bodies are cut down from crosses, executioners do not prevent 
      executed criminals from being buried, and pirates did no more than 
      throw the the corpse into the sea"  (Sussman translation, p. 75). 
      The writer seems to be arguing from the position that it was normal to 
      allow burial of crucified criminals. "
      Although I am abundantly pleased that you read Quintilian, I can only assume
      Mr. Olson that you are kidding.  Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (c. AD 35-c. 95)
      wrote after changes were made when he was only two years old, as I specified
      in my text.  I am addressing the historical context of the actual
      crucifixion, not a post AD 37 context.  
      I fear I must admit that my question was not intentionally humorous, but was due to my misunderstanding of what you meant when you wrote:
      >>The soldier
      neglected his post and the widow failed to observe the annus luctus, the
      required period during which a widow was morally obligated to remain chaste.
      However, this custom was lifted in A.D. 37 during the reign of Caligula. <<
      I took it that the custom to which you referred was the year of mourning, when you were in fact referring to a change in Roman policy regarding the bodies of the crucified.  I must further admit my ignorance regarding crucfixion procedures during the reign of Caligula.  Could you tell me what the evidence for this change in procedure is?
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