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The LP the Amidah and the Kaddish

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    ... Dennis, Thanks for your message. I m glad you are finding the discussion interesting - and I m even more grateful that you have joined in. Your suggestion
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 1998
      Dennis C. Sullivan wrote:

      > Any analysis of the LP might be benefited from a comparison with the Amidah.
      > The LP has been characterized by some as a "Reader's Digest" version of the
      > Amidah.
      > Enjoying the discussions!

      Thanks for your message. I'm glad you are finding the discussion
      interesting - and I'm even more grateful that you have joined in.

      Your suggestion that one's persepctive on what is going on in the LP
      might benifit from comparing the Amidah to the LP is a good one. In
      fact, a detailed attempt to do just this was undertaken long ago by I.
      Abrahams in his Studies in Pharisaism and the Gospels.

      Now while there are, as Abrahams notes, striking parallels between the
      two prayers, whether one is justified in using the Amidah in order to
      illuminate the LP is the nub of the issue. Those who do so usually
      assume that the Amidah pre-dates the LP or is at least contemporaneous
      with it. Same thing with the Kaddish, which is also claimed as both a
      parallel to the LP and its contextualizer".

      But what evidence is there that both or either of these prayers actually
      were in use in the first century CE? I would argue that both are late
      and therefore of no real use in illustrating what the petitions of the
      LP mean.

      So here are questions that I'd like to raise: what is the date of the
      Amidah? What is the date of the Kaddish?

      Furthermore, even assuming that these prayers are contempraneous with
      the LP, what is their background of thought and their concern. Are they
      "eschatological" prayers, that is prayers whose focus is centered in
      "praying down" into the now the anticipated blessings of a future age?
      Or are they concerned with securing in a time of trial help from God to
      remain faithful to his ways?

      May be it would be helpful if someone on the list would supply us with
      the texts of these prayers.


      Jeffrey Gibson
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