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Re: [Synoptic-L] The Priority of Mark - from Carl Patton

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      << I will agree. In more ways than one, the spectre of Streeter overshadows
      discussion of the synoptic problem. I think the priority of Mark was argued
      much more cogently by Carl S. Patton in 1915 than it was by Streeter in
      1924. Yet Streeter continues to be footnoted, while Patton is practically
      unknown. I have transcribed his arguments for the priority of Mark for
      those who are interested.


      Thanks for the link, Mr. Kirby. I rushed to the site, intrigued by the idea
      that someone, already in 1915, had "argued much more cogently" in favor of
      Markan priority than had Streeter. What I found was really more an argument
      against the GH than one for Markan priority, though some would argue, I
      suppose, that the two amount to the same thing. I also found a number of
      factual errors (cf. the number of verses listed for the pericope of the
      paralytic in #2; the description of the appearance and dress of the Baptist
      said to be unique to Mark in #8). More importantly I didn't find a single
      "good" argument in the lot, and all of the ones given have been effectively
      demolished by defenders of the Gospel Hypothesis. If you are unaware of the
      responses given, I (or perhaps Stephen Carlson) would be happy to review them
      for you. On the other hand, these may be roughly the strongest arguments that
      exist against the GH position for Mark. The only argument of Patton that I
      consider to weigh slightly more than the also quite plausible response to it
      given by defenders of a late Mark is number 7 (the use of Aramaic words in

      Leonard Maluf

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