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Re: [Synoptic-L] GThomas and the Synoptics

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      brian@... writes:

      << These occurrences of ABBA are particularly
      interesting to me because, on my understanding, the apostle Paul may
      well have used a copy of the Logia Translation in his year's teaching at
      Antioch in Syria, and given a copy of this same document to the
      Christians at Corinth. On my view, the phrase ABBA PATHR stood in the
      Logia Translation, and both Paul and Mark independently took this phrase
      from that source. >>

      It is also possible, is it not, that a late Mark was simply reminded of
      (influenced by) a standard Pauline usage (Gal and Rom) as he told the story
      of Matthew's Gethsemani incident to his Roman audience? Matthew's text, after
      all, seems more original, in the sense that it is closer to what Jesus would
      actually have said (abi = "my father"). There are other cases where it seems
      likely that Mark was influenced by Pauline usage, such as his frequent use of
      EUAGGELION in the absolute, and especially his use of "gospel" in contexts
      quite foreign to Matthean usage, but reminiscent of Pauline idiom (e.g.,
      1:15: "believe in the Gospel").

      Leonard Maluf

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