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Re: [Synoptic-L] In Memoriam - William R. Farmer

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  • Mark Goodacre
    I would like to add my own heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Bill Farmer. The academic world will mourn the loss of a great scholar and a
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      I would like to add my own heartfelt condolences to the family and
      friends of Bill Farmer. The academic world will mourn the loss of a
      great scholar and a fine human being. To me, one of his most
      remarkable achievements was his success in combining a robust,
      critical challenge to standard views with a graciousness in relating
      to advocates of all views.

      Others have spoken of the friendly and enthusiastic way he related
      to scholars even of differing perspectives. Although at the
      beginning of my academic career, I was repeatedly and warmly
      encouraged by Bill Farmer on each of the five occasions when I
      have met him. On one of these occasions, in Birmingham in 1997,
      Bill said to me "Your belief in Marcan Priority is not a problem to
      us", which at the time surprised me but on reflection was typical of
      his graciousness in embracing our agreement (dispensing with Q)
      rather than focusing on our disagreement, at the same time
      nurturing a spirit of cooperation between New Testament scholars
      of different backgrounds and different generations.

      In the limited time I spent with him, I was impressed by his ability
      to listen to others and to take seriously the points they were
      making. I remember well the great anxiety he felt at the
      Strasbourg SNTS in 1996 when Michael Goulder expressed his
      lack of ease with the term "Two Gospel Hypothesis" (since his
      theory also is a kind of "two gospel" hypothesis) and as a result he
      announced his concerns in the Synoptic Problem seminar.

      It is a tribute to him also that he was still engaging in serious
      scholarship right to the end of his life -- I was happy and privileged
      to join with Bill and his colleagues in the Research Team of the
      International Institute for the Renewal of Gospel Studies for a
      discussion of Tim Friedrichsen's extended review and critique of
      _Beyond the Q Impasse_ at the recent SBL meeting in Nashville.
      His contribution to that discussion was typical of those each time I
      have met him -- sharp and critical of of certain views while friendly,
      cordial and open to those advocating them.

      I am grateful for what he has done to "renew gospel studies" by
      challenging us to think in fresh ways, for refusing to accept the
      consensus simply because it is the consensus, but most of all for
      encouraging scholars to work together in the kind of collegial spirit
      that is all too often lacking in the discipline. We will honour his
      memory if we attempt to work in the kind of ecumenical and
      cooperative spirit that will make life, both inside and outside the
      academy, more fruitful and whole.

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