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[Synoptic-L] Re: [XTalk] topics for LP book

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  • l. j. swain
    ... I m sure you re already taking this for granted, but since it isn t explicitly stated, I ll mention it anywa But I do hope that there ll be discussion of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2000
      "Jeffrey B. Gibson" wrote:
      > Following hard on my request to provide LP bibliography so that I can
      > actually say with some authority what "they" are saying about the LP for
      > the Paulist book, I'd now like comments and criticisms on the way I
      > propose to organize the book's topics. Here's my tentative outline:
      > 1. Authenticity and Origins (does it go back to Jesus in its entirety?
      > It is a later composite of originally individual petitions)
      > 2. Original Version (Matthew's or Luke's?)
      > 3. Explanation of Differences between the Texts
      > 4. Its Relation to Jewish Prayers
      > 5. General Meaning: An Eschatological Prayer?
      > 6. Meaning of Individual Petitions
      > 7. The Prayer's use by the early church
      > Should anything else be included? Or to put this another way, are there
      > any other things that those who are saying something about the LP are
      > saying something about?

      I'm sure you're already taking this for granted, but since it isn't
      explicitly stated, I'll mention it anywa But I do hope that there'll be
      discussion of the Didache's use of the LP as well. Also, I would like
      to see an "exegesis" of the prayer somewhere in there too, not just
      issues about the paryer, perhaps conflating chaps 2-3 and the new
      chapter 3 being exegetical? Although one could argue I suppose that the
      whole book you've outlined is an exegesis of the prayer.........

      Out of curiousity, how late are you planning to go for the "early
      church" chapter?

      Larry Swain

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