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[Synoptic-L] Lk 24 and Matt 28: micro-level treatment?

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  • Maluflen@aol.com
    As those of you know who have been following my recent ramblings, I have written a number of posts in which I attempted to make the case for dependence of Luke
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2000
      As those of you know who have been following my recent ramblings, I have
      written a number of posts in which I attempted to make the case for
      dependence of Luke on Matt in Lk 24. I began with what I called macro-level
      considerations, and should be continuing now with a series of micro-level
      treatments of the text of Luke, with a view to confirming Luke's dependence
      on Matt in this chapter. Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on
      this project mentally, and have made some extremely interesting discoveries
      (as one always does, when one systematically studies the text of Luke with
      the assumption that he is using Matt as his gospel source). Nevertheless, I
      must face the fact that I would be shortchanging my course preparation and
      other obligations if I were to take the time that is required to present all
      the evidence in writing at this time. So I have decided to postpone the
      project indefinitely. I know that some of you will detect a pattern here:
      this would not be the first ambitious project I have announced on this list,
      and, like the man who went running out to build the tower, didn't have the
      wherewithal to complete it.

      However, since I realize that most of you sit spellbound before your computer
      terminals, awaiting with bated breath my upcoming posts, I would probably
      yield to some pressure (if enough came my way) and produce a brief post
      treating the scene of the "women at the tomb" in Luke. Believe me, it is
      extraordinarily interesting. One other thing I have been neglecting is a
      paper I am scheduled to give to the BTI group here in Cambridge,
      Massachusetts, in early February. I hope to write on Lk 9-10, but I haven't
      started that yet either!

      By the way, speaking of the BTI group, we just had our second paper of the
      season, read by Professor Eldon J. Epp. The topic was "Text-critical,
      Exegetical, and Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting the Junia/Junias Variation
      in Romans 16:7". We were treated to an incredible saga in the field of
      text-criticism. What I mean is that the paper was anything but boring, in
      spite of the fact that Epp limited his analysis and comments strictly to the
      text-critical realm. It is a very long paper, and it should be published soon
      in an essay collection (but we were not told which!).

      I regret too that my decision to discontinue a discussion of Lk 24 means that
      I will not have addressed the issues raised by Ed Tyler regarding the points
      of narrative variance between Luke's resurrection story and that of Matt. I
      had planned to postpone raising those specific issues again until after
      having first attempted to carefully explain Luke's text (I had hoped with
      considerable plausibility) as based on, and perhaps also contrapuntally
      related to, Matt. My feeling was that if I did this with sufficient cogency,
      the problem of incoherency between the two gospel accounts on those
      particular points would appear in a different light and would diminish
      somewhat in urgency.

      Leonard Maluf

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