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[Synoptic-L] query: apocryphal gospels

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  • Mark Goodacre
    ... There s also J. K. Elliott s updated version of M. R. James: J.K. Elliott (Editor), Montague R. James (Translator), _The Apocryphal New Testament : A
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 14, 2000
      Mike Parsons wrote:

      > colleagues, forgive me for stretching our discussion beyond canonical
      > bounds, but we are reading apocryphal gospels in our graduate
      > colloquium this year (hence the request), using the revised edition of
      > Schneemelcher (in eng.).i am wondering if anyone knows of a
      > bibliography on apocryphals gospels (i know about the Gospel of Thomas
      > homepage, the non-canonical gospels homepage, whose link is not
      > currently working, but others would be appreciated). i am also looking
      > for a kind of general introduction that covers most of these writings
      > (the students will actually be writing critical intros to individual
      > documents, but we are looking for something for the others to read).
      > at this point, i am leaning toward the appropriate sections in
      > Koester's Ancient Christian Gospels. can someone recommend something
      > else? thanks in advance for your indulgence and assistance (reply
      > off-line unless others are interested).

      There's also J. K. Elliott's updated version of M. R. James:

      J.K. Elliott (Editor), Montague R. James (Translator), _The
      Apocryphal New Testament : A Collection of Apocryphal Christian
      Literature in an English Translation_ (Oxford: Clarendon, 1998)

      I don't know of any good introductions except, perhaps, Koester or
      Pagels. Majella Franzmann's _Jesus in the Nag Hammadi Writings_
      is a kind of synthesis of Christology in Nag Hammadi documents. I
      would also be interested to hear of any book recommendations on
      this topic.

      With regard to the Noncanonical Home page, there is a new URL:
      http://wesley.nnu.edu/noncanon. However, they have not fixed the
      URLs on that page. Simply subsitute "nnu.edu" in each URL that
      currently reads "nnc.edu" and you can get to the correct pages. I've
      provided some info. at http://www.ntgateway.com/noncanon.htm.
      They are aware of the problem, but say that they don't at the moment
      have time to fix it!

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