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[Synoptic-L] Fallacies at Heart of Q

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  • Richard Anderson
    ... In reviewing Beyond the Q Impasse--Luke s Use of Matthew, I note that there is no discussion of the ransom saying (Mk 10:45; Mt 20:28) nor of Matthew s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2000
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      David Peabody wrote:
      > I, therefore, find it difficult to accept your claim that >"few scholars who have argued for Markan priority have >even taken
      the trouble to discuss the parts of Mark that >appear less primitive than Matthew and/or Luke." >Consequently, I would also challenge your
      faulting of Dungan's observation below on the basis of >this claim.
      In reviewing
      Beyond the Q Impasse--Luke's Use of Matthew,
      I note that there is no discussion of the ransom saying (Mk 10:45; Mt 20:28) nor of Matthew's connection of Jesus' convenant blood with the remission of sins (26:28). 
      I think it is clear that not only has GMark (as well as Matt) condemned the animal sacrificial system but also proclaimed a theology of the cross.  Luke does not. 
      It this instance it can be said that the theology of Luke is the earliest and most primitive of the synoptics.  I have yet to see any scholarly discussion of this point by the advocates of Marcan priority or by those who claims that Luke is based on either Matt, Mark or both.
      Then again, why do you need to create a theology of the cross if you as a Jew or Jewish follower of Jesus believe on the Day of Atonement, the sins of the entire Jewish nation are forgiven and that the death of the High Priest has a limited atonement value?
      It seems to me that anyone claiming Luke is based on Matt and/or Mark has to explain the existence of this religious belief long after the destruction of the Temple.
      The silence of the advocates of Marcan Priority and Lucan dependency is deafening.
      Richard H. Anderson
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