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Re: [Synoptic-L] Messianic Apocalypse in DSS and Matt 11:2-6

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  • Dennis Sullivan
    ... From: Jeffrey B. Gibson I m not ... +++++++++++++++++++++ I checked this with the Jerusalem School scholars, and received a reply
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 19, 2000
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      On the 4Q521 DSS passage:

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      From: Jeffrey B. Gibson <jgibson000@...>
      I'm not
      > > aware of any published material on the parallels. So I'd be grateful
      > > for any bibliographical references List members can point me to. >>

      I checked this with the Jerusalem School scholars, and received a reply from
      Steve Notley (Jerusalem University College):

      "I don't know if others have responded to you about the DSS passage,
      but it has been seen and cited extensively. Puech's French article is
      probably the best one. Even Flusser has mentioned the passage and its
      relationship to Jesus' answer to John's disciples. See "Jesus" (2nd
      ed.) p. 49 n. 22."

      The note Steve cites from Flusser's "Jesus" reads as follows:

      "See Isaiah 26:19; 29:18; 35:5; 61:1 and the relevant parallel in 4Q521,
      fragments 2ii and 4, lines 6-13, especially line 12. See E Peuch, "Une
      apocalypse messianique (4Q521)," Revue de Qumran 60 (Oct. 1992), pp.
      475-522. Only the cleansing of lepers is lacking in the parallels. As to
      the last sentence of Jesus' answer compare the ending of Hosea."

      By the way: Steve Notley collaborated with Dr. Flusser on this edition of
      "Jesus". Dr. Flusser died several months ago in Jerusalem, but was
      resuscitated in the hospital, and is now recovering at home.


      Dennis Sullivan
      Dayton, Ohio
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