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Re: [Synoptic-L] Re: godfearers and Synoptic choices

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      << I've looked this text over, and, unless I'm missing something, it seems
      Juvenal is speaking solely of Jews not of Gentiles. In fact his target here
      Jewish sons of Jews and his scorn here is levelled against them for not being
      Gentiles. So what am I missing? What within in it could possibly allow this
      to be taken as a satire on Gentiles who are drawn to Jewish ways? Or am I
      in thinking that this text cannot be used as evidence of Juvenal's
      knowledge and
      acknowledgement of the existence of God fearers?>>

      This seems right to me. Juvenal seems to be contemplating a younger
      generation of Jews, perhaps attending Roman schools, and hence potentially
      productive Roman citizens, who nevertheless are simultaneously being
      insidiously indoctrinated in the strange ways of their fathers, and who will
      presumably end up as odd and socially marginal and exclusionary as they.

      Leonard Maluf
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