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[Synoptic-L] Re: RAMartin (style)

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  • yochanan bitan
    ... criticism ... Jewish ... in ... much ... in ... and ... presuppositions ... methodology ... The methodology is completely independent of Marcan priority,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2000
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      >>RB:<< Interestingly, that is what R.A. Martin concludes with his syntax
      >> after examining the predictions of a 'Septugintalizing Luke' for
      >> contexts: 1995:4 "It is most probable, rather, that when these 17
      >> syntactical criteria of syntax criticism appear with Semitic frequencies
      >> Lukan writings they are to be seen as evidence that Semitic traditional
      >> materials are being used." >>
      >Again, a most interesting conclusion. But again I would want to know how
      >of a factor Markan priority and Luke's presumed use of Mark is in this
      >judgment. Also, does he mean Semitic traditional materials in Greek, or
      >Hebrew or Aramaic?
      >>RB: << I would recommend that students learn this methodology.
      >> My only complaint is that it needs to be expanded to 30 or 40 criteria
      >> applied more widely to some early Christian writings. >>
      >I, for one, am ready to learn a new methodology. But I think
      >are important here as well, and I wonder how they impinge on the

      The methodology is completely independent of Marcan priority, or any
      priority. That is part of its appeal.
      Martin himself accepts Marcan priority, but he points out many surprising
      conclusions that go against his own expectations, like the the unevenness
      of the material from pericope to pericope, and high Lucan Semitisms in the
      "final week". I think most that have looked at Martin, including reviews in
      the late 80's and 90's have pointed out the relevance and importance of
      developing this tool. (Maloney, for one, suggested that this promises a
      major breakthrough.)

      Randall Buth
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