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[Synoptic-L] Re. Sanders on Tendencies (was "attitudes")

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  • Dr Peter M. Head
    Thanks Mark for your comments. In relation to Stephen s question whether in the light of Sanders study we should not even attempt to utilise rules relatign
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 11, 2000
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      Thanks Mark for your comments. In relation to Stephen's question whether in
      the light of Sanders' study we should not even attempt to utilise rules
      relatign to the development of the tradition (I paraphrase from memory as I
      couldn't find the message, ooops), I think I would agree: we can't
      presuppose absolute rules/laws for the tradition, whether in oral or
      written phase. But that this is actually, to some degree, a departure from
      Sanders who in the conclusion to the book actually constructs a set of
      criteria precisly for assessing the relative stages in the tradition (rated
      in categories: not very strong, fairly strong, strong, and very strong).

      It is another feature of the selectivity of our reading, that this aspect
      of Sanders' work is almost always passed over (and it only impinged on my
      consciousness in the light of this discussion). I suppose it may be due to
      the fact that Sanders' _Tendencies_ is for the most part simply lists. This
      focuses attention on the conclusion and his italicised sentence: "dogmatic
      statements that a certain characteristic proves a certain passage to be
      earlier than another are never justified". Of course, but this is very
      loaded, and even the most ardent form critic would proabbly have agreed
      (many of them were not fond of dogmatic statements to start with); and this
      only expressed the negative aspect of Sanders' study, he wanted a positive
      as well as a negative conclusion, hence his criteria in which 'a tendency
      to change in one way or other was more or less pronounced'.

      On another point raised by Mark. I wonder whether enough people on the list
      have read Dungan's _History_ in order to make a discussion of it


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