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  • Brian E. Wilson
    Robert Leonzio wrote - ... I have also been struggling to track down some references to von Soden recently. I would suggest that according to von Soden s
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 1999
      Robert Leonzio wrote -
      >I am trying to decipher the following Von Soden reference without much
      >Scribe: Leontius [XI] Manuscript: 186 (VS: Ac)
      >Can anyone tell me which scripture document this reference pertains to?

      I have also been struggling to track down some references to von Soden
      recently. I would suggest that according to von Soden's composite
      classification, "186" means "Number 18 written in the 6th Century". I
      think von Soden would probably have preceded the "186" with a lower-case
      epsilon (for EUANGELIA) to show that it consisted of material from the
      Gospels only.

      According to von Soden, (e)18(6) indicates the uncial Codex Rossanensis
      which is kept at Rossano. It was produced in silver letters on purple
      parchment with full-page illustrations, probably in the 6th century.
      Since the lapse of von Soden's system, Rossanensis has been indicated by
      a capital SIGMA in the Wettstein classification of uncials (because
      SIGMA is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet), and by 042 in Gregory's

      I have found a useful 'Catalogus codicum graecorum I' in Augustine
      Merk's Greek/Latin edition of the text of the New Testament (A. Merk,
      "Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine" - Rome, l984 - tenth edition, pages
      26-37). For each NT Greek manuscript listed, this neatly tabulates the
      Wettstein/Gregory and von Soden (without century) symbols, followed by
      the century in which the manuscript is thought to have been written, the
      place where the manuscript is kept, a coded summary of its contents, and
      a final "recension" entry. The table therefore cross-references von
      Soden with Wettstein/Gregory.

      I have used Merk's table in conjunction with K. Aland & A. Aland "The
      Text of the New Testament" translated by E. R. Rhodes - Leiden 1987 -
      which gives a descriptive list of Papyri, Uncials and Minuscules of the
      NT, using both the Wettstein and Gregory classifications (pages

      Codex Rossanensis contains the Gospels of Matthew and Mark. According to
      Aland and Aland, and others, it has a very similar "Byzantine" text to
      that found in Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus (von Soden (e)19(6),
      Wettstein/Gregory N/022) most of which is kept in St Petersburg, and
      which also was an uncial written in silver ink on purple vellum probably
      in the sixth century.

      Best wishes,

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