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the Markan Cross and Tick Factors

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  • Brian E. Wilson
    Mark Goodacre wrote (SNIP) - ... Perfectly. In my first letter I gave Robert Lindsey s description of his Markan **Cross** Factor. I then asked - ... Stephen s
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 1998
      Mark Goodacre wrote (SNIP) -
      >How far is the explanation suggested by Stephen Carlson and
      >seconded by David Mealand adequate?

      Perfectly. In my first letter I gave Robert Lindsey's description of his
      Markan **Cross** Factor. I then asked -

      >How is the Markan Cross Factor to be explained? Why is there high
      >verbal agreement, and low pericope-order agreement, between Matthew
      >and Luke where they do not parallel Mark, but also low verbal agreement
      >and high pericope-order agreement between Matthew and Luke where they
      >do parallel Mark?

      Stephen's answer, seconded by David Mealand, gave a flawless form-
      critical explanation of this pattern. In my second letter, I did not
      reject Stephen's explanation of the Markan Cross Factor. I simply
      pointed out that **Lindsey** had failed to take into account that in
      material in direct speech in the double tradition and also in the triple
      tradition is generally similar in wording, whereas material not in
      direct speech in both double and triple tradition is not very similar in
      wording. This last pattern is not Lindsey's Markan **Cross** Factor.
      If we want a name for this last pattern, we could call it the Markan
      **Tick** Factor to distinguish it from Lindsey's. The Markan Tick Factor
      pinpoints the difference between material in direct speech, and material
      not in direct speech, and has nothing to do with differences in the
      order of material, whereas the Markan Cross Factor does not distinguish
      between material in direct speech and material not in direct speech, and
      does have to do with differences in order of material.

      My third letter was in answer to the interesting suggestion by Gerard
      Layole, in which I said that I did not think his attempted explanation
      dealt very effectively with the part of the Markan Tick Factor pattern
      concerning direct speech within narratives **in the triple tradition**.

      Your letter, Mark, also in reply to my third letter, suggests that
      Stephen explained the Markan Tick Factor pattern, when in fact he
      explained the Markan Cross Factor. Your letter is an explanation of the
      Markan Tick Factor, and is basically source-critical/redaction-
      critical. I think your explanation of the Markan Tick Factor works,
      although it is perhaps rather complicated. It is the first explanation I
      have seen from someone else of the Markan Tick Factor. I am sure there
      are many other possible explanations. Indeed, I suppose any single
      pattern of similarities of wording in the synoptic gospels can be given
      an infinite number of explanations.

      Best wishes,

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