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[Synoptic-L] Wright - right or wrong?

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    n a message dated 10/1/1999 6:00:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time, scmiller@www.plantnet.com writes:
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      n a message dated 10/1/1999 6:00:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      scmiller@... writes:

      << As an amateur, I wonder if I should take umbrage at your using "amateurish"
      as a pejorative? <g> Mark Goodacre's evaluation was that Wright seemed to
      by-pass key questions concerning the Synoptic Problem. Exactly how do you
      see Wright's statement to have been "amateurish"?

      Please.. no offense intended! My qualifier "amateurish" was intended to be
      an exact lexical equivalent of Mark Goodacre's "less sophisticated". Wright,
      in the passage cited, seems to assume, somewhat naively I think, that
      individual Evangelists had direct access, through various currents of oral
      tradition, to different forms of Jesus' utterances, based on actually
      distinct occasions when Jesus said the same thing in different terms. This is
      of course a theoretical possibility, but those professionally engaged with
      the question of actual differences among the Synoptics have generally assumed
      more plausible hypotheses, often with fairly convincing supportive evidence,
      to account for the differences.

      Leonard Maluf
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