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[Synoptic-L] Josephus and Luke

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  • Brian E. Wilson
    Wieland Willker wrote - ... Graham Hamer comments (and spoils the fun!) - ... Wieland, Fascinating work, I agree, and set out very well. The sites are worth
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 29, 1999
      Wieland Willker wrote -
      >This is one for Brian:
      >Goldberg compares the Testimonium Flavianum with Lk 24:18-21, 25-27 and
      >writes at:
      >"The single outlier on the far right is the Luke-TF pair. The mean of
      >the distribution is 12, and the standard deviation is 18, making the
      >Luke-TF pair at .68 more than 3 standard deviations away, significant
      >at the 99% confidence level. This leaves no doubt that this sort of
      >relationship among any two of the texts is indeed extraordinary, and
      >cannot reasonably be attributed to chance. What do you all think?
      Graham Hamer comments (and spoils the fun!) -
      >But Goldberg does make a very important caveat that the apparently
      >impressive correlation co-efficient of .68 would be "significant if
      >this held for a larger sample" - and therein lies the problem. These
      >results have no statistical validity with the sort of sample size used
      >nor are means and SDs meaningful in anything other than a very general
      >sense. There are some rather more esoteric statistical techniques which
      >may possibly help but Goldberg does not refer to them in his article.
      >This is not to say that there may be something interesting here but I
      >do not believe the apparent precision of the statistical reports adds
      >anything to the discussion in Goldberg's paper on the site Weiland
      >refers to.

      Fascinating work, I agree, and set out very well. The sites are
      worth visiting. Graham Hamer seems to me to have put a damper on things,

      On a more general point, I am coming to the conclusion that we really
      have very little DATA for determining the date of writing of Luke, or of
      any of the synoptics. Of course, if we assume a hypothesis of the
      documentary relationship between the synoptic gospels this has major
      implications the dates of writing of the gospels. This again underlines
      how important it is to solve the Synoptic Problem, and that the Synoptic
      Problem is a historical question.

      Best wishes,

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