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Re: [Synoptic-L] narrative structure of Mark (was Temple Cleansing)

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  • Donald Murphy
    Shawn, What a joy to find you still on the list! The last message I remember receiving from you was sent in late January. Towards the end of what I see as a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 1999
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      What a joy to find you still on the list! The last message I
      remember receiving from you was sent in late January.

      Towards the end of what I see as a clear and important message, you
      wrote: "Don commented on the silence of other list members in the
      face of Brian's claims. Brian and I discussed many of these issues
      last summer and I see no need to repeat that argument. Perhaps
      someone more capable than I in navigating their way around the
      archives could post a way to dig up our orrespondences. I hope, in
      the next few weeks, to throw out a few ideas on Mark's structure- as
      soon as my schedule allows."

      First of all, I will much look forward to your doing what, according
      to the last sentence, you hope to do!

      Very importantly, I want to thank you for reminding me of the
      earlier discussion you had with Brian regarding the issues that I
      have tried to discuss with him, from a somewhat different
      perspective, in the recent past. I admit to not having remembered
      that discussion when I expressed puzzlement last week at the
      silence of other members of the list regarding Brian's very broad
      statements. I imagine that was a matter of being more personally
      involved with Brian recently than I was in those earlier

      Fortunately I had saved all those messages -- in Eudora files, the
      system I was using before moving to Netscape in early January.

      If I'm not mistaken the discussion you refer to took place, not last
      summer but rather mainly in October. As I was rereading this
      morning the discussion between you and Brian, I took the opportunity
      to reread also the briefer discussions of that same period between
      Brian, on the one hand, and list members such as Jeff Peterson,
      Leonard Maluf, Stevan Davies, and Antonio Jerez.

      All that helps me to understand why there was not greater readiness
      of others to comment on the way Brian was attacking what I had
      written in answer to a request from Mark Matson concerning
      interpretation of the Temple Cleansing in Mark.

      Since I have that earlier discussion saved, I could easily send it
      -- or parts of it -- to anyone on the list who does not have it
      saved. Alternatively, it would all be available in the archives for
      the period mainly between late September and early November.

      Finally, Shawn, I want again to thank you for sending me by snail
      mail your very enlightening and valuable work on the historical
      background of Heidegger and particularly of his friendship
      relationship with Bultmann. I will be very interested is seeing how
      you will have in the meantime or will in the future show how all
      that affects Crossan's interpretation of the parables . While
      re-reading his The Historical Jesus and while studying quite
      carefully a number of times his The Birth of Christianity, I have
      had your initial suspicions in the back of my mind.

      Thanks again,

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